Saturday, July 7, 2007


Just got laid off my job!!!!

One way or another - I WILL SURVIVE!!!


Anonymous said...

Bonjour victotia et bon dimanche par chez toi, Horti et Mémère

Anonymous said...

C'est ne Pal Mal...Autres Jours comme travallez avec a bon journee.
Vous commence La Grande Vacance - divertisement, bon temps avec Amis neauveau. Nous alles mange le Cake.
Robin Vayniac

Jeffrey said...

Sorry.... It's English for me.

What happened? Is all OK? Are you OK?

Another job on the horizon, if so needed?

Rosemary said...

Life's twists and turns are sometimes hard to endure.
Lots of cliches one could use still think of this as an opportunity to blog more. "-)

Victoria Williams said...

horticolo - Bonjour!

Robin - merci, vous etes raison!

Jeffrey - yeah.....I'll be OK eventually.

Rosemary - yes, at least I can blog more; "the adventures of being unemployed, maybe?" ;-)

Victoria Williams said...
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