Monday, June 11, 2007

Window Views

I was fascinated during our European vacation last year with the various views from our hotel windows. Here are some samples of those views; followed by a pond visitor.


Anonymous said...

je ne peux jamais voir les vidéos que tu mets en ligne, il va me falloir trouver une solution rapidement !



Anonymous said...

hello victoria, ben voila un joli blog, en anglais !! me dit francois !! mieux vaut pas car les langues c'est pas mon truc

Natalie said...

I love the scenes from the windows. When I was in Italy, I loved looking out the different windows over the clay roofs. In Florence, we had a view of a was soo pretty and everyday we had breakfast on a porch in the hotel that overlooked the Duomo and Santa Maria beautiful. I think your view from your window is just as pretty as any of those places...and I love, love, love the cute.

Victoria Williams said...

Natalie, did you and Jeffrey go to Italy together? We loved Florence.
Yeah, we like the frog too.

Natalie said...

HI..sorry to just get back to you...I have been swamped with work. No, I didn't go with Jeffrey. I went before we met...with my cousins, mom, sister, and some friends. One of my favorite trips!!!!!
I wish I could go with Jeffrey...He would like it!