Friday, June 1, 2007

Palms and Cards

My daughter, Vanessa, invited two of her friends over this week so I could read their palms and also give them each a Tarot reading. A few years ago I did readings at various businesses around town for extra money. Now I just give readings occasionally to friends and family.

I've collected many different styles of Tarot decks, but Vanessa's favorite is The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr. This is definitely a Goddess deck, the Queen is the high card.

Vanessa's readings usually involve a variety of the same cards; a mixture of stress, change, and the Princess of Cups for her creative and emotional side.

Vanessa laid my cards out (the reading includes 10 cards) and it was me all over; lots of major arcana cards including love, strength, family harmony and the search for spiritual wisdom.

Another of my favorite decks is the Osho Zen Tarot. The cards are lovely and the meanings deep and spiritual, full of lessons.

Kim enjoys the palm readings. You can do this at home, if you like. You may need a magnifying glass (I do). But then, your eyes may be better than mine. Here's my palm.

Pay equal attention to both hands. Your dominant hand, or the hand you write with, will show the things you share with the public and also what you have done with your life. Your non-dominant hand will show the things you keep private and also what tendencies you were born with. It's a good way to see if you've improved on your gifts or squandered them.

Here's my life line.

Some things to look for on the life line are breaks and islands. You can see a break on my life line, but since the life line can also be read as a time line, I know I'm past the break and I know what it was. (click on the picture to get a better look.) Breaks and islands are usually fairly traumatic events; illnesses, divorce, etc. You can also see an extra line just below my life line. If this line were straighter and headed toward my middle finger I would call it my fate line (which has to do with career), but since it hugs my life line I believe it to be a helper line; commonly seen with such a major break in the life line.

My HEADline;

Headlines tell us how we think; a strong curve is a more imaginative person, a very straight headline is a person perhaps better with numbers. Your headline will probably branch off near the beginning of your lifeline and curve through the center of your hand towards the heel of the hand.

My HEARTline is less than ideal and actually looks better in this photo than it does on my hand. But, it mirrors my personality. A straighter heartline, such as mine, shows a less expressive person in a relationship. A nicer line would be curved more and headed towards the space between the index and middle finger.

Fingerprint patterns are a lot of fun to read, and here you may really need that magnifying glass.

You can click on these pictures to enlarge them. I have lots of ulna loops, which makes me an easy going person. I do have a tented arch on my right index finger which means I can get very, very, enthused on whatever interests me at the time. People with radial loops are a little more self-assertive. People with lots of concentric whorls are inflexible know it alls who like to be in charge. If you have just a couple of whorls, then you're OK to get along with, and depending on which finger they're on they have different meanings. We could go on and on with fingerprint patterns.

Which thumb shape do you have? Does your thumb have a "waist" or is it straight?

People whose thumbs have a "waist" tend to have tact and diplomacy. Those with a straight thumb shape, tend to not.

Palm readings can be very involved; the space between your fingers, the length of your fingers, the shape of your nails, the flexibility of your thumb, the thickness of your palm (the mounts), the angles of the thumb, the knuckles, finger settings, etc. And the lines on our hands change along with our lives.

Palm reading can be fun and surprisingly accurate. There are plenty of books you can get; I like The Art of Hand Reading by Lori Reid. I have found most of her information to be accurate. If you have a specific question I'll be glad to attempt to answer it.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Bek said...

Very interesting post. You got me hooked on finding out more about that topic. Our library has the book you suggested:)

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

OMG, I loved this post. I compared every like to my own. This is so interesting. I really enjoyed it.

Victoria Williams said...

Bek, Mary; Glad you liked the post. I always enjoy looking at other people's palms. It's a ton of fun.

Rosemary said...

very interesting
checking out my life line and thumbnail .....Hummm

Hinsley Ford said...

Great post! I have always been interested in palm reading. I heard diamond shapes in between fingers means lots of money. Darn it. Wonder if it will work if I draw 'em in? :)