Sunday, June 24, 2007

Garden Tour

The Idaho Botanical Annual Garden Tour was today. Kim and I enjoyed seeing each garden; every one had been painstakingly cared for. There was beauty in everyone's garden. This is a short video of some of the gardens.


Jeffrey said...

Beautiful... and I like the music you picked for it.

Natalie said...

The gardens were really beautiful...I like all of the statuary and water features. I really like the one in your garden with the ivy around it...very Italian!

SoulTouch said...

Hi, i was wondering who to contact to see about putting my garden on the 2008 annual garden tour for Boise. I went on a tour this year, mostly homes in Eagle. I live in Boise on the bench, 83705 zip. I have a postage size yard that i am just finishing up building a sanctuary meditation garden. 2 Ponds, stream, 30 boulders, numerous waterfalls, where i have incorporated vast amounts of recyled steel, iron (including railroad track for a bridge), copper, bronze, 150 year old chinese temple doors, etc. It is quite dramatic and classy and i am hoping to share it with the public this coming spring and summer. my email address is for anyone out there who wants to point me to the right people to contact.