Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's been a busy day. It started with a phone call from our son, Casey. His truck had broken down on his way to work and he needed us to bring him some tools. His truck is a 1973 Ford. He thinks it's a classic.

1973. The year I graduated from high school. I guess we're both classics. Anyway, they worked on the truck and finally got it going.

Big mystery; which gas station was the busiest???

Gardening can be dangerous business. I was repotting some banana plants and our trumpet vine caught me...

Doesn't really look like much of a scratch, does it? But it hurt, I tell you! And you can't really tell in the picture, but it went right up to the corner of my eye. I should get something for this! Not sure what, but something.

There are some nice things blooming in the garden right now. The Dutchman's Pipe vine actually has cute pipes.

and various other things are doing their jobs...

Most of our weekend was spent working in the garden. Just the way we like it. Tonight we had some salmon on the barbie and of course we had to wash it down.

I received some bad news from France today. Get well, Gaël!!

Life is so darn fragile. If it wasn't, I guess it wouldn't be so precious, would it?

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