Wednesday, April 18, 2007

OK, so this will be a hodge-podge post; full of non-related subjects. Kind of how my life has felt lately.

First, a joke from my French cousin:

Cela se passe dans un train.
Il y a un gars assis qui mange des crevettes roses qu'il sort d'un sac; il
arrache les coquilles et les jette au loin par la fenêtre du train ...

Il a déjà mangé quelques crevettes quand la vieille femme assise en face lui
dit :
- " Pouvez-vous arrêter de faire cela ? C'est dégouttant à regarder ! ".
Alors il lui répond:
- " Ecoute Chérie ! J'ai rien contre toi; ne m'énerve pas! J'ai payé mon
billet pour ce voyage et je ferai ce que je veux dans ce train "

Sur ce, il continue d'arracher les coquilles des crevettes, les jette par la
fenêtre et mange les crevettes roses.
Enfin quand il a fini son sac, il décide de piquer un petit roupillon..
A ce moment, la petite vielle sort ses aiguilles et se met à tricoter..
Le gars n'arrive pas a s'endormir à cause du cliqueti incessant des
Au bout de 15 minutes il se redresse et dit a la vieille femme:
- " He Memere! tu veux pas arrêter ce bruit? Tu vois pas que j'essaye de
dormir ! " .
Alors la petite vieille répond:
- " Ecoute mon Chou : j'ai rien contre toi; ne m'énerve pas! J'ai paye mon
billet pour ce voyage et je ferai ce que je veux dans ce train "

Alors le gars se lève furax, saisit les aiguilles a tricoter de la petite
vieille et les jette par la fenêtre du train.
La petite vieille se lève a son tour et tire sur le signal d'alarme.
Le mec rigole et dit:
- " Ha ha! Tu vas te prendre une amende de 200 euros pour ce coup là! "
Et la petite veille lui répond:
- " Et toi tu vas prendre 10 ans lorsque la police aura senti tes doigts! "

And now the translation:

That occurs in a train. There is a sitted guy who eats pink shrimps that it leaves a bag; it tears off the shells and throws them to far by the window of the train... It already ate some shrimps when the old woman sitting opposite him says: - "can you stop doing that? It is dripping to look at! ". Then it answers him: - "Listening Cherished! I have anything against you; do not irritate me! I paid my ticket for this voyage and I will do what I want in this train "

On this, it continues to tear off the shells of shrimps, throws them by the window and eats pink shrimps. Finally when it finished its bag, it decides to prick a small snooze. At this time, the small hurdy-gurdy leaves its needles and starts to knit. The guy does not arrive has to fall asleep because of the ceaseless cliqueti needles. At the end of 15 minutes it is rectified and said has the old woman: - "He Memere! you do not want to stop this noise? You do not see that I try to sleep! ". Then the small old woman answers: - "Listening my Cabbage: I have anything against you; do not irritate me! I have pay my ticket for this voyage and I will do what I want in this train "

Then the guy rises furax, seizes knitting needles small old woman and throws them by the window of the train. The small old woman rises has her turn and draws on the alarm. The guy laughs and says: - "ha ha! There you will be caught a fine of 200 euros for this blow! "And the small day before answers him: - "And you you will take 10 years when the police force feels your fingers! "

Anyone get the punch line? I don't. Lost in translation, I guess. Thanks anyway François.

Last night for dinner; Baked chicken,

with Osborne Solaz, a decent wine for only $10,

but my favorite was the pasta, Cauliflower Rotini,

I can make a meal on the pasta alone, it's so simple to prepare, but so delicious. Here's the recipe: (click on it to enlarge)

And, a gift from my friend for my birthday;

Socks she knit herself, very cool!

Back to work tomorrow so my posts will slow down. Instead of walking to work I've decided since the weather is turning warmer I'll try biking. We'll see how that goes.

For discussion of the Virginia shootings.

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