Sunday, March 4, 2007

Spring is on it's way.....

Out in the garden today........I see plenty of life. The primroses are coming up, they'll be a beautiful bright pink. There are about 7 of them curved around an edge in the shade garden.

I see only one helleborus of all those I've planted. I guess I'll be thankful for it!

The bamboo has been evergreen all winter as usual.

Foxgloves, tulips, columbines, giant alliums, blue flax all showing promise.

Looks like our 3 year old white dogwood tree is still alive. (We think it's white, it has yet to grace us with blooms.) We've had it since it was a mere twig so we'll give it time.

We've been watching our neighbor's pussywillow tree bud out. It's a sweet weeping willow. Why don't we have one? Because we're running out of room. We have 13 trees, yes, thirteen, behind our house now. Five in the front garden. But until we squeeze in a pussywillow for ourselves, we'll enjoy our neighbors'.

The back garden has been a flutter of activity today as the birds help themselves to the grapes we didn't use last year which are now "raisins".

Speaking of food, Kim has put up a squirrel feeder in the front garden. Squirrels arrived here a couple years ago and now we're committed to feeding them too I guess.

Soon it will be time for us to get to work on the garden clean up; cutting down old growth and raking up leaves. For now it's just a wonderful possibility. I love spring.

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