Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Walking to Work: One Month

Feb 9
38 degrees in the AM. Raining on the way home. Tried disposable poncho for the first time. Not bad. Little hard keeping the hood up, but kept me mostly dry. Was offered a ride home.
Feb 14
28 degrees in the AM. Son’s car is running; first day I don’t really need to walk. Saw three deer. Clear and cold. On way home daughter’s boyfriend gave me a lift partway as he lives in our subdivision.
Feb 17
Deer again. I can believe the image of them pulling Santa’s sleigh through the air, they practically do fly when they get going. 36 degrees. Heard some geese squawking. Goose fight? Or a lucky coyote with an early morning breakfast? No, don’t think so, it didn’t sound that upset.
Feb 23
Snowing. 32 degrees. Very windy. Wore my poncho as the snow was very wet. Saw six deer about 10 yards away. Almost walked into them before I looked up. I was trying to keep my poncho hood up in the driving snow and wind. Nice to see quail and bunny tracks in the snow.
March 2
29 degrees. Nearly full moon, nice and bright. Little skiff of snow. Footprints on the road to work. Why do bunny tracks make me smile? Snow is very revealing. Cement “everything” deadens our senses.
March 3
33 degrees. Not bad. Actually saw the owl today I’d been hearing. I was scanning the trees looking for it, but there it was sitting on a post as I walked by. Cool.

Obviously the most important factor of my walks is the weather. Anything around 30 degrees is tolerable. 14 and 18 degrees were actually painful for walking, but I managed. Shouldn’t see that kind of weather again for quite some time. I have noticed that I’m using my walking time now for thinking. So much so that when I’m almost home after work I’m often surprised at how quickly I arrived. So, for now, the walking will continue.

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