Monday, May 6, 2013

Kim is the Winner!

Kim has defeated Ginger!

She was a good rival. But it's been four days and she hasn't managed to escape his new contraption:
A 12 foot structure with bird netting.

Finally!  Our back garden is safe from chicken scratching!  Whoo Hoo!
Love those chickens, hate their habit of ripping up plants.

Look what's blooming now:

Markham's Pink clematis:
Planted two years ago.

Even pretty from the back:

Blue Flax:  (Linum lewisii)

Dogwood tree in full bloom:

Redbud tree.  We lost most of this tree last year but it's trying to make a comeback.

Beautiful tiny strawberry bloom.

Need a closer look?  I do!

Phlox divaricata "Blue elf".
New to us.

And who says pink and red don't look well together?
They certainly do on this tulip.
Mother Nature knows best!
(Notice the spider hanging out).

And the Indigo Buntings are back.  Cute as ever.
Enjoying our stream and sprinkler.

Hope you're enjoying spring wherever you are!


Goneferalinidaho said...

Aha! I now now that we have blue flax. I took some photos of an area we spread with wildflower seed that reseeds every year and we have a small bumper crop of the stuff. Those birds are so cute. Oh, and congrats on the hen containment system.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I better not ever get chickens if it involves building fences that tall! But congrats to Kim on his perseverance and success! Poor Ginger ~ she's probably already missing her forays into the garden...
Lovely shade of pink on that clematis and the tulip is fabulous!
It's encouraging to see you have a dogwood and it's thriving. I saw one blooming here on a garden tour two years ago & bought one. It didn't do so well last year but this year I think it might just bloom!! Very exciting.
Excellent job photographing the strawberry ~ that macro shot is stunning!!

Jj said...

De bien belles fleurs qui n'attendaient que la réussite de Kim pour fleurir, maintenant, c'est fait, elles peuvent donner de leur éclat sans craindre le bec et les pattes de Ginger !
Bonne journée,


Wow, Victoria, what stunning photographs. The sunlight on the Blue Flax is so pretty and the closeup of the Cercis flower, wow. And the strawberry flower is a scientist's dream photo with all the parts so easily seen.

I like Kim's chicken coop. Ginger should be very happy here.

Such nice sunshine too isn't it?

Rosemary said...

Way to go Kim! Loved the tour of all that is in blossomin your garden. Amazing to see the up and close and personal bloom. Far ahead of the area... How lucky to have the pretty buntings in your garden...

Emily said...

haha, he finally beat ginger! that's an impressive fence. my girl wynonna is the same kind of troublemaker...the other two can't be bothered. last summer, even after i put up a pretty good 6' fence blocking the garden entrance, she would still manage to wiggle her way into the garden and peck at my veggies.