Sunday, May 19, 2013

Can't Keep Up

Really.  Spring is just out performing itself.  I cannot keep up with the blooms in our garden.  Has spring always progressed so quickly?

We brought the "girls" into the back yard for some browsing time.  Enclosed with a fence.  (Hazel is missing, she was putting the nesting box to use.  We brought her out later.)

We've been enjoying sunshine and warmer than normal temperatures this spring.  And the garden is reacting:

Bourbon clematis on the metal gazebo.

So glad I saw Elsa Spath at my friend Carol's house.  Such a beautiful and well performing clematis.

Empress is blooming in the moongarden;

Multi Blue is doing its thing on the gazebo;

First time poulvo has bloomed for us;

Closer to the ground Amethyst in Snow centaurea;

Hyacinthoides blooming in the moongarden, plenty of blue and one pink this year.

Jupiter's Beard (Red Valerian) looks good in close up.  I know this plant spreads like crazy but it's easy to pull up and blooms for a long period, just needing some deadheading.

Sweet Rocket (Hesperis Matronalis) is a spring flower we can count on.

Unknown iris, but lovely;

And yes, sometimes I do step back and take in the larger picture.
Our garden is looking very green right now.  That mess on top of the metal gazebo is a wisteria which is just coming into bloom.  We have five clematis planted at various corners of this gazebo.  The koi pond is blocked from sight by that little berm in the center of the photo.

The shade garden with Sweet Woodruff (Galium odoratum) coming into bloom.  There are hostas in here along with Solomon's seal, Japanese maples, dicentra (bleeding heart), primulas and columbines.
The large container on the right is a water feature (not running in this pic).

And last night I watched these two goldfinches on our corkscrew willow.  One was feeding the other.

What's happening in your world?


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I agree with you - spring is so fast this year! I have plants blooming which usually bloom in June. I love your clematis! Nice varieties.

Goneferalinidaho said...

The garden is looking great! I'm having fun watching some container sized corn starting to sprout.

From Grubs to Grub - Wing Shadow Farm said...

The goldfinch fluttering its wings is the baby. Nice photos of them. I am in zone 9b but we are moving your way in 6b later this summer. I am enjoying reading about what flowers you grow there.

Barbarapc said...

So very sweet with the little finches. I can't get over how much further ahead so much of your garden is, and yet the shade material is at exactly the same point as mine. Very interesting. Great photographs whether close up or further back- and those girls really do seem to enjoy what you've created for them.

Rosemary said...

Your garden is really moving along . All looks so pretty. Even the girls.


Don't you just love this time of year? Your clemmies are outstanding. I really love 'Bourbon.' I wish I had room for another one, I'd get it.

I love the goldfinches. They're such sweet birds and so pretty too.

And of course your hens are just delightful.

And nice new header photo. Take care.

Emily said...

gorgeous!! i love all your clematis.