Monday, October 20, 2014

Falling Again

What a beautiful time of year.
At least I love it.

Kim and I worked in the yard today.  Here's the last of what's happening in our garden now.

Our asters are finishing up.  This is 'Monch'.

The dogwood tree is showing some pretty color.

As is the sumac.

The "girls" come out to enjoy the fall garden.  Here is Peanut, followed by Brazil and Hazel.  (Yes, they're "nuts".)

At over five years old, Tootsie is still the "top chicken".

Here is Hazel, followed by Jelly Bean.
No pics of Ginger.  She was being naughty and digging up the veg garden.

Speaking of the veg garden, the tomatoes are pretty much finished.

A little volunteer snapdragon still working it.

Frankie naps among the old cucumbers.

Some impatiens still blooming on the back porch.  I've brought some inside to try over wintering them.  We'll see how that goes.

Fall blooming crocus among the Lamb's Ears.

Grapes ripening on the back porch.  We use them mostly for shade.  The chickens love when they fall on the ground, and the robins and squirrels fight over the rest of them.

Our "Reading Girl" statue will be wrapped up soon and protected from the freezing of winter.

Mums doing their thing.

We have twelve pumpkins lining our drive way.  (It's a long driveway.)

Scarface still waiting for us to throw his ball.
We've been calling him "Mr. Winky".  He went to the vet last week;  has a problem with his left eye, an ulcer.  Not sure what he's done to it, but we're medicating.  He gets seen again in a couple weeks.  Took just two people to hold him down.  And he's lost ONE pound since January.  We need to work on some more.

The "witch IS in"!  I spent a year or two in a coven!

Hope your fall is absolutely wonderful!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A wonderful video from Barbara's Garden Chronicles


It's been a good summer.

We grew tomatoes.

We visited Montana where we plan on retiring in a few years.

And the biggest event of the summer...............our granddaughter Hayden!

Six and one half pounds of cutie!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our Pets

Yes, our pets.
What a topic.

We've had Chelsea the longest...going on 12 years now.  She was a "gift" from our son.  Chelsea was about to be taken to the pound in Utah where our son was visiting.  He phoned us and asked us if we would like a dog, as this little dog was so nice.  We had recently had Kim's cocker spaniel, Buffy, put to sleep after his long life of 16 years.  But how could we say no?  Besides, we had a safety net; Casey's friend's mother said she would take Chelsea if we didn't like her.

And just look what we ended up with....half husky, half corgi is what we were told.  And she was adorable.

Chelsea has been a great addition to our lives.  We estimate her to be around 14 years old so we don't expect many more years from her.  But she's been great.
She's mostly deaf now, and likes to sleep, a lot.  But she's been tolerant of our chickens and many cats. She's been a sweetheart.

Then there's Jessie.

Jessie was a stray kitten from next door.  He came to us three years ago.
Jessie is a large cat, but a big scaredy cat.  He's a lover, not a fighter.  And he's also a drooler.  Pet him and you'll get wet.  He is by far the shiest of our cats.

The cats next door just wouldn't stop making babies.
Felix was our next adoptee.
How could we resist???
Just look at this guy.

But, I'm sorry to say, I probably pulled Felix away from his mother too soon.  And I don't recommend it.  But the result was a sort of bond between he and I.  Felix was quite needy when I brought him home and he got into the habit of sleeping across my neck at night.  Which he does to this day.  I have to admit I love it, as it feels like a warm scarf across my neck at night and is very comforting.

He also enjoys rides on my back/shoulder through the garden.  (Not sure why, he's just weird I guess.)

Felix is a smaller sized cat but he has the cajones of a much larger cat.  He stood up to Scarface upon his arrival to our household.  Something none of the other pets have EVER matched.  So never doubt Felix's courage.

And then there's Frankie.

I never should have adopted Frankie. (The clipped ear is a consequence of neutering at the pound for a feral cat/mother combo.)
But just look at those eyes!  Those beautiful blue eyes.
Frankie was one of the seven kittens we rescued, along with their parents, and had spayed/neutered and adopted out.
Just look at him as a kitten and tell me you could have resisted him.

My first mistake was in naming him.  Don't ever, ever, ever, name a kitten you intend to give up for adoption.  Because if you do, you're dead.  Well, not dead, but you're not going to give that kitten away are you?

And why "Frankie" you ask? (If you have to ask you've probably never heard of Frank Sinatra.)

Give me a little credit for not also keeping his cousin, "Francine".  There was never such a beautiful pair.
But I sucked it up and adopted her out. (I know, it wasn't easy.)

Frankie was a spit fire when we caught him as a kitten.  No longer.  He is a WHINER, all caps intended.
Frankie will wake you up in the middle of the night, not with a love pat, but with claws out, crying. And what does he want, you ask?  He wants you to PET him as he EATS.  Yes, you read that correctly.

And finally, Scarface.

Yes, SCARFACE.  We did not name him.
Our son did.
Scarface is now ten years old.  He was on his way to the pound when I told my son to bring him over.
This is a dog who doesn't like other dogs.  Or strangers.  Or children.  Or cats.
A dog who will bite, and has bitten.
A grouchy dog.
A dog with problems.
He was supposed to have had a home but it didn't pan out.  Our son needed to move on with his life;  I get it.
I just couldn't get Scarface ending up at the pound.  So he ended up at our house.  (How many parents out there end up with their children's pets????)

And he has managed to fit in somehow.  Now he is "my dog" and Chelsea is "Kim's dog".  Scarface has managed somehow to fit into our lives and into our hearts.
He tolerates the chickens and has learned to tolerate the cats, exception being scaredy cat Jessie.
Kim and I are accustomed to his peculiarities as he had lived with us prior to his arrival ten months ago.
We don't expect many more years from this grey boy, but we intend to make his final years comfortable.

Look how brave Felix is.
He enjoys playing with Scarface's tennis balls.

Check out our pet chickens in the sidebar to the right.
How many pets do you have?  How many stories do you have?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Playing in our Garden

Kim and I have one especially prolific garden bed right now.

It is overflowing with coreopsis, lychnis coronaria, black eyed susans, ratibida columnifera, larkspur, yarrow, and white and pink sweet peas.

So Kim and I hang around and participate in another favorite pastime of ours;  photography.

There were two bumble bees buzzing around that afternoon.  It was the pink sweet peas to which the insects swarmed.
Click on the pics to really see them up close.

I never thought of bumble bees as having tongues. But you can just make it out in the photo below.

Kim likes to shoot from a distance for that great depth of field which blurs the background nicely.

I enjoy the close ups my little point and shoot camera offers.
You can just make out the dragonfly in the photo below.
I think it is a Twelve Spotted Skimmer.  Probably female.

Anyway, it was fun.  Hope you're enjoying your summer!