Monday, April 6, 2015

Pets and Spring

I went out into the garden today to see what's new because that's what gardeners do isn't it?  I know I'm constantly trolling for any sign of new life;  a new blossom, something forgotten, something that somehow came up somewhere else.

Every spring I notice these little muscari macrocarpum coming up.  I think they're so precious and pretty.  I wish they would spread around a bit.

We have a few tulips in the garden that are blooming right now.  I say "a few" because we have planted more than 500 bulbs in our back yard over the years.  A lot of them are gone now.  Due to...not sure.  Squirrels?  Possibly.
Anyway, I try to make sure I get out and enjoy those that are still showing up.  Today I was joined by Frankie.
(Is this turning into a "dog and pony, or cat, show, blog?)  Maybe.  Who cares.

Frankie says, "Take a picture of me!"
Actually Frankie says "Meow, meow!"  A LOT.

And again Frankie inserts himself into the frame.

Anyway I guess you can see we have some daffodils and some pink and red tulips blooming.
We also have some nice yellow ones.  And purple.

The weather has been cooperative;  some rain, lots of sunshine.  It's been nice.

And how I can end this post without a Scarface update?
He's doing better with his double ACL injuries.  Much better.  Now if he would only sleep through the night without needing us to get up and comfort him with a blanket and hugs.  (Yes, we're pathetic.)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Scarface and Spring!

This is happening out back.

Thankfully we can go out front and see this:

Who knows what is bothering Scarface.
Perhaps it's his double ACL injuries?
The fact that he can't chase the squirrels or cats properly?
That I won't throw his ball more than two feet away for him?
Maybe the sun isn't warm enough?  (It will be today;  75 is the projected high).
Or that I have things I want to do and won't pet him 24/7?

If only I could read his mind.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Another This and That and I'm Famous!

Surprise, surprise, I've been knitting!  (Seems like that's all I want to do lately.)  Lately I love knitting while listening to books on tape.  For a while I was using LibriVox.  Then I figured out how to download audible books from our library onto my iPod and I've been obsessed with that.

Here's a sweater I recently finished.  And guess what?  It fits! I used this pattern from Ravelry.

I also recently finished these gloves.  They were a challenge for me, and I enjoyed them.  (They aren't perfect, I pulled a bit tight on the corners and there's a ridge consequently, but I'll survive.)  Isn't it a gorgeous pattern though?  If you're a knitter, and not on Ravelry, you should be.  Although I recently pinned a bunch of gorgeous patterns from Pinterest.  These gloves are Kihnu Gloves from Nancy Bush.

Guess who thinks I should throw his ball?  Mr. Gimp.  Ridiculous.
His best is getting in and out our back door without assistance.  He needs to give up on chasing balls for quite some time.

Recently I did some work in the garden.  
What does that really mean? "Worked in the garden."
I pulled weeds.
But I did see these pretty tulips blooming.

And these forget me nots, from a garden blogger friend.  Spring really has arrived.

Felix snuggled up while I was knitting.

I got to spend time with my adorable granddaughter.

Kim and I had another great trip to Stargaze yurt.

Sans Scarface this time.  We took Chelsea with us but Scarface had to stay home due to his ACL issues.  Vanessa was unfortunate enough to get to care for him while we were gone.

And my first ever radio interview aired this week.  You can listen in here.

"Monica interviews special guest Victoria Williams and they discuss her blog where she writes about her love of gardening, knitting, cooking, camping, and family.  Victoria talks about when she first met Monica and the powerful experience that she had that night as well as her past adventures and hopeful new ones.  They also talked about life challenges and the challenges of being a parent."

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Update

Daffodils are so cheery in the spring, aren't they?
I love their bright color, of which we're so winter-starved.

This little ground cover is showing promise, and color, in the back garden.  But you really have to get down to view it.

This clump of crocus in the back garden is so pretty.

Looks as if we have some double hellebores going.  I have no idea which these might be since they were a gift from a garden blogger friend.
Want to see some gorgeous photos of hellebores? Try Randy and Meg's blog.

I should have planted more daffodils in the front.  Maybe I'll add more this year.

And a Scarface update.  It looks as if he's hurt his left ACL to match the right one.  So he's quite the gimpy boy right now.  It's a struggle getting him outside to do his business.  It involves a beach towel wrapped underneath him to serve as a lift and me enticing him with a spoonful of canned dog food.  So it's a two person job.

We'll keep this up for a while and hope he gets to the point of managing this on his own in a week or so.  Right now he's doing a lot of sleeping which is just what he needs right now.

Just five days until official spring!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Little Happenings

This one little crocus is blooming among the lawn in our backyard.

And we have just a couple of helleborus blooming.

A few snow drops are still lighting up the shade garden.

And just in time for spring I finished this little sweater for my granddaughter.

You can find the pattern here.