Saturday, December 20, 2014

Second Holiday Post

Yup, our tree is up.
The cats are enjoying it also.

Yup, Kim put lights on the house.

The inside looks like Christmas exploded.
You might think we're practicing at being grandparents but it always looks like this at this time of year.

And there has been cookie baking happening.  A lot.

Hope you're having fun with your holidays!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

First Holiday Post

Kim and I are geared up for the holiday season and I have to admit I love it.

One of the first things we did was this: Boise Tuba Christmas.  If you go next year, go early.  Like an hour.  There is limited viewing space.  Smart people come early, with a chair.

The event takes place at the Idaho State Capitol building so you can imagine how those tubas reverberate in there.

The building is decorated for the holidays, people are in a good mood, it's very festive.

I loved this family in their cute hats.

Here's a short video.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

November This and That

First a Scarface update.  He did great with his cone.  Managed to eat and drink and get around.  It was only on for three days so it wasn't bad.  (Easy for me to say.)

He is getting tired of the eye drops three times a day but tomorrow is his check up at the veterinarian and we hope the entire ordeal will be ended.

Here in Boise we've had record snowfall this month.  AND it's been COLD.  REALLY cold.

The high temperature today was 27 degrees.  The low is supposed to be 6 tonight.  We've seen highs of 19 degrees and lows of 1 during this past week.  This type of weather usually waits until January or February around here.

So.....I made Scarface a sweater!
You can find the pattern here.

Chelsea says she doesn't need a sweater.

Speaking of knitting, since I have my Christmas knitting completed....

...I can get back to knitting for myself.  I've started a sweater and I'm really looking forward to finishing it.  Maybe by Christmas.  This is a partial sleeve.  The body is complete.

I'm attempting to overwinter a few plants.  So far so good.  The begonia and geranium are in bloom.

The Meyer lemon has some new growth.

I've knitted some booties for my granddaughter but at nearly four months old I'm afraid they might be too small for her already.  You can find the pattern here.

How about you?  Any projects?  Looking forward to the holidays or Scrooging it this year?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pet Problems

I'm hoping we've solved Scarface's "winky eye" issue.
Kim and I took Scarface to an opthomologist veterinarian yesterday.  She diagnosed his problem as an indolent ulcer.

Fortunately for us she had time to perform the treatment that very day.  We walked down the street and had coffee at Moxie Java (Garden City) while he was being treated.  I wondered why I'd never been inside before.  What a lovely coffee shop.  (Sorry, these photos were taken with my iPod.)

The procedure didn't take long.  (Kim and I didn't have to discuss whether or not to go ahead with the treatment.  Cost = $455.00.  He's worth that!)  After a phone call from the vet's office we sat with Scarface as he regained consciousness.
The vet assistant encouraged us to rub his belly to help him wake up.  He wasn't having any of it.  What a grouchy turd he can be even when essentially paralyzed!
We managed to get him back inside the truck.  He was snarling most of the way home even though he got to ride shotgun due to his cone.

And then when we were back at the house he refused to leave the truck!  He was so tired he could barely hold himself up but he wasn't about to let us help him out.
So we left him there.  We checked on him every half hour or so.  He calmed down a bit every time but it took him four hours before he was willing to leave that truck.

Our first night has involved very little sleep;  helping him eat and drink, administering eye drops and pain medication (cutting pills in half, sticking them inside plastic capsules and disguising them in chunks of canned food.)  Making sure to open the back door VERY widely when he needs to go outside.

He's definitely feeling better today.  The cone stays on until Thursday morning.  Can't wait.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Falling Again

What a beautiful time of year.
At least I love it.

Kim and I worked in the yard today.  Here's the last of what's happening in our garden now.

Our asters are finishing up.  This is 'Monch'.

The dogwood tree is showing some pretty color.

As is the sumac.

The "girls" come out to enjoy the fall garden.  Here is Peanut, followed by Brazil and Hazel.  (Yes, they're "nuts".)

At over five years old, Tootsie is still the "top chicken".

Here is Hazel, followed by Jelly Bean.
No pics of Ginger.  She was being naughty and digging up the veg garden.

Speaking of the veg garden, the tomatoes are pretty much finished.

A little volunteer snapdragon still working it.

Frankie naps among the old cucumbers.

Some impatiens still blooming on the back porch.  I've brought some inside to try over wintering them.  We'll see how that goes.

Fall blooming crocus among the Lamb's Ears.

Grapes ripening on the back porch.  We use them mostly for shade.  The chickens love when they fall on the ground, and the robins and squirrels fight over the rest of them.

Our "Reading Girl" statue will be wrapped up soon and protected from the freezing of winter.

Mums doing their thing.

We have twelve pumpkins lining our drive way.  (It's a long driveway.)

Scarface still waiting for us to throw his ball.
We've been calling him "Mr. Winky".  He went to the vet last week;  has a problem with his left eye, an ulcer.  Not sure what he's done to it, but we're medicating.  He gets seen again in a couple weeks.  Took just two people to hold him down.  And he's lost ONE pound since January.  We need to work on some more.

The "witch IS in"!  I spent a year or two in a coven!

Hope your fall is absolutely wonderful!