Saturday, July 18, 2015

Random Summer Stuff

While doing some cat sitting for a friend, I heard rustling in her shrubs and turned to see this.
Can you see that little thing on the sidewalk?

I should have used the video on my camera.  These little guys were way too fast for me.

Here is the parent quail, being very brave.

This little birdhouse was adorable during the past few years in our garden;
seen here during the fall after a trace amount of snow.

But during the week Kim was gone to Montana the wasps did this:

Yeah, it's something, isn't it?
Wasp information.
There's a lot of wasp spit on that birdhouse, that's for sure.
This will get dismantled during their winter hibernation, that's for sure.

Kim planted tomatoes in the cold frame this year.  They're doing well.  He had to remove the roof.

And some random pictures of our garden.

And just look at my son and his family.  Casey is doing really well post surgery.


Goneferalinidaho said...

Holy tomatoes! I'm glad your son is recovering, they are a beautiful family.


What a great photo of your boy and his family. I'm SO GLAD he's doing okay, bless his heart. It must be such a relief to you. And that little grandbaby of yours is so cute!!

Your garden is fabulous. I love all your flowers and your patio is just breathtaking.

What cute little quail!

Those wasps! That is just insane. I have never seen anything like that. It's quite a work of art but it's also really creepy and scary. :)

I hope you have a great weekend.

Country Girl said...

You're going to need a ladder to pick those tomatoes!

Capucyne said...

Un paradis d'été !

Pat said...

The wasps damage is amazing. Your garden is pretty as ever but I don't remember the covered porch, anyway I really like it.

Ajax said...

Wow!!! Wild! What a post. That wasp's nest, and those tomatoes were incredible. So many spectacular photos. Also we were just at Burgdorf recently too! Such a neat place.