Saturday, February 9, 2008

Yurt Trip - the long and the short versions

Short version:

The hike in was brutal, the snow was so deep and the path so narrow that the sides of the sleds kept scraping and had to be tugged along. (half the distance is uphill). But, the yurt was pleasant as usual and we snowshoed around, went sledding, ate great food, drank decent wine, played poker and had a generally wonderful time.

You'll notice Vanessa and I have on new hats. I've learned to make ear flaps and I-cords! Yay! So exciting! I'll be making more of these.

Chelsea also loved the snow. We're told she's half husky so she's built for it.

And the longer version, with music and video;


Bek said...

So much snow! It looks great though. I'm sure Chelsea must have had lots of fun:) Very cute.

Natalie said...

OHH MY GAWD! Those photos are incredible. What beautiful sights! I love snow and sledding. What fun...I am so jealous! So glad you had so much fun.

Bob and Robin said...

What a great photo-journalistic effort you have made. It is an awesome display! It looks like you had a great trip.
--- Bob

Rosemary said...

beautiful pictures!
so much snow !
what an exciting time it must have been!
I am impressed with all your stamina.

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine that fresh air! *deep breath*