Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall in Full Swing

More fall photos from our garden.

Here is aster 'Lady in Black'.

For an idea of how small the blooms are;

It's always been a little too weedy looking for me but this year I'm not minding it so much. Possibly because I've given it a little more room to sprawl and it's looking as if I planted it on purpose.

Here is Aster tataricus (Tatarian aster).

And here's an idea of how tall this aster gets; growing right up in front of this aspen tree.

BTW, no staking required. They multiply and transplant well. I've moved some around to other areas of the garden with more sun.

White Japanese anemones still shining.

Persicaria 'Pink Elephant' still has a few blooms.

A couple of mums, but you have to look close.

Fallopia japonica 'Crimson Beauty' is doing what I bought it for; looking lovely in the fall, at around 10 feet tall now.

It is herbaceous and has never "run" in our garden. But it does have these pretty flowers in the fall.

Of course now that summer is over the hanging baskets of ivy leaf geraniums have never looked better.

In the front garden this salvia is blooming its head off right now.
Probably salvia greggii (Wild Thing Sage).

A couple of gourds we didn't know we had until Kim started cleaning up the veg garden.

Some of my Halloween decor this year;

It's not much but it was easy. I gathered some river rocks a few years ago and painted them. The fake pumpkin I carved a few years ago also.

And I'm with Randy on the Occupy Wall Street movement. I've been involved in two marches and plan on doing more.

Here's hoping we can make a difference!

If you're here in town you can check out Occupy Boise.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gifts, Garden and Cats

It's been a busy week.

I received these plants in the mail from Kathleen at Kaseys Korner.

That's right, plants.

She offered some Campanula 'Cherry Bells', but I was expecting seeds when these showed up in a box along with some pretty Pink ruffled columbine seeds.

They're doing well and I'm excited to get them into the garden in this nice cool, wet weather we've been having. Kathleen warned me they're aggressive spreaders but worth it. Thanks Kathleen!

I also received these seeds from Lona at A Hocking Hills Garden blog.

They are Crape Myrtle seeds which she successfully grows in her Zone 5 garden. I'm hoping I can get them to germinate and have some of my own. Thanks, Lona!

I'm also very excited about this:

Lynda at Mind Muffins gave me some delphinium plants this summer. I was satisfied just seeing them survive, I certainly didn't expect blooms this year. I think they're gorgeous. Thanks so much, Lynda!

(Postscript: This is not delphinium as I thought, it is actually aconitum, or Monkshood. Still, a lovely, lovely plant.)

And to keep the gifts coming I purchased this cute shopping bag for just $11. Because it's in French and because I'm worth it!

Our garden is winding down. We still have some dahlias blooming. I'm allowing them to go to seed now so I'll hopefully have some surprises if they germinate next year.

A few mums are in bloom. Nothing special. We always talk about replacing them with some spectacular types but don't get around to it. Oh well, they're doing their job; providing some color for fall.

Castor Bean seed pods looking beautiful.

Anyone want seeds? I have plenty to share.

The back porch is looking ready for fall.

And likely the last rose of our season, Heritage.

On the cat front, Felix and Jessie are getting along great.

Felix has begun acting like a "kitten"; running around, very playful, and eating all the time.

As it's October 11th already I plan on putting out my little tribute to Halloween soon.

If you want to be impressed by a hand-made Halloween display, check out Jeanne's upcoming display at Gone Feral in Idaho. Talk about impressive! I can't wait to see the finished display.

Happy Fall everyone!